At The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, we believe it is not enough to do well—we must do good. Our social responsibility efforts all over the world, through our Caring Cup program, blend commitment and community. We respond to the needs of local communities served by our stores and the needs of communities where our products are grown.


Our philosophy of impacting lives from seed and leaf to cup is steeped in everything we do. By staying connected to the people for whom coffee and tea is a livelihood, we go beyond fair wages by giving back to the plantations, estates, and communities that grow our products by supporting their financial, educational, and medical needs. Cultivating these close ties benefits everyone; from the local growers to our global customers who get to taste the benefits of our partnerships.


At The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, we recognize the significant roles our Team Members play in our journey. Apart from our commitment to serving our Customers and giving back to our communities, we are as dedicated about helping our Team Members become passionate and purposeful individuals who live and model excellence both at work and outside it. We aim to help them take pride in their work by recognizing their talents and contribution to the team, creating values-based initiatives that help them become excellent stewards of their lives, and providing opportunities for career growth and recognition.

At the end of the day, our Team Members are the ones who make your cup truly special. We just give them the recipe.


It is our desire at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to help build a nation of conscientious, empowered individuals who live their lives in service of others.

We engage our community through programs such as Brew Your Best Year to grow holistically by providing them with creative avenues to expand their knowledge, pursue their passions, hone the gifts they have been blessed with, and inspire others through their work.

Our hopeful mission is that through our efforts and of our partner organizations, we can help nurture growth and provide a better life for others, one cup at a time.