At The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, we believe it is not enough to do well—we must do good. Our social responsibility efforts all over the world, through our Caring Cup program, blend commitment and community. We respond to the needs of local communities served by our stores and the needs of communities where our products are grown.

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Brewing the Best. Together.

At The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, we have an unwavering commitment to social responsibility. Whether it's through our monthly Caring Cup events that give back to the community or through selling merchandise with an advocacy and a story to tell, we make sure our initiatives brew passion and purpose. Everything we do impacts lives in one way or another.

Have an idea in mind for an event that we can do together or part of a social enterprise that develops locally-made products we can sell in our stores?

#CoffeeBeanOceanArt Merchandise

HOPE Classroom Painting


If you are part of a social enterprise or an organization that develops locally-made products for an advocacy and are looking for an avenue where you can sell them, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® could be that space for you! 

To be a merchandise partner, please send us the following details of your proposal:

• Product/s to be sold
• Description/s
• Material/s used
• Where the item/s is/are sourced
• Sample design/s
• Advocacy (for social enterprises)
• Proposed selling price/s

Aside from providing you the opportunity to sell your product in our stores, we’ll also be providing promotional support through our online assets!



If there is a cause or advocacy close to your heart and you are moved to create an event for it, we can host it together with you to make it happen!

To be an event partner, please send us the following details:

• Description of event
• Proposed activity/ies
• Partner organization/advocacy
• No. of pax
• Proposed venue
• Proposed date

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® can provide you the venue, food and beverage, and promotional materials needed for the event to gather sign-ups.

Send your proposals along with the requested information along with a portfolio or an introduction about your brand or organization to

Let's brew something meaningful together!