Inspiring A Greener Change For The Country’s Future

Haribon is the Philippines’ pioneer environmental organization, which gave birth to the Philippine environmental movement. They invite everyone to help turn their dream of a green Philippines into reality through their many worthwhile activities. One of their major projects is the Rainforest Organizations and Advocates or ROAD to 2020 Campaign.

Initiated in 2005, ROAD to 2020 has been generating more buzz and more importantly getting more hands to help. They have made countless changes possible through the sheer power of volunteerism. Despite customer’s busy schedules, they have been immersing themselves in different Haribon sites such as those in far-off Tanay, Rizal, Caliraya Lake Watershed in Laguna, Mt. Siburan in Mindoro, the Zambales Mountains, Mts. Irid-Angelo in Gen. Nakar, Quezon and Mts. Hilong-Hilong and Diwata in Surigao del Sur to plant native trees and help in their goal of restoring 1 million hectares of the Philippine rainforests.

Find out how you too can leave greener footprints. Visit www.haribon.org.ph or send an e-mail to act@haribon.org.ph to learn about the first steps you can take to protect the country’s rich biodiversity.