Our Ice Blended®

We invented The Original Ice Blended Drink® way before the others discovered it! Sweet coffee deliciousness, born and blended in Westwood, California in 1989!

Fresh from an inspiring trip to Europe, one of our Team Members came back to work at the Santa Monica branch of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® with an even greater passion for coffee than before, and an insatiable desire to enjoy it cold. Just pouring her coffee over ice wasn't enough for her; she wanted it richer, smoother, creamier, yet still with the full flavor of specialty grade "A" coffee.

So she and her Team Members started experimenting— with ways to concentrate coffee taste so it wouldn't be diluted when mixed with ice, then with various flavors that tastes great when iced. The winning combination turned out to be our very first Mocha Ice Blended®, the world's first cold blended coffee drink (as opposed to shaken, stirred, or just served over ice) to use specialty grade coffee, created right at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® in the 1980s.

The drink was an instant hit with all the baristas, who took sips in between tasks at the store. Company founder Herbert B. Hyman, known as the California's founding father of gourmet coffee, stepped in to customize the process and bring it up to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®'s exacting standards of quality. When customers saw the team enjoying the delicious-looking cold concoction behind the counter, they wanted to try it too. Before long the Ice Blended® was a runaway success.

Yes, we did it first; and we still do it best, currently using the latest and greatest technology—to name just one big difference—to process ice so smoothly without the solid ice bits. We also invented the first specialty coffee extract ever produced. Our French Deluxe™ Vanilla and Special Dutch™ Chocolate are likewise industry first, giving our drinks a truer, fuller flavor than any other. Nowadays, we make many varieties of Ice Blended® with tea as well; and most recently, we pioneered our juice-based Ice Blended® drinks, which bring the fruit smoothie to a new level with the addition of our exclusive Ice Blended Vanilla.

So thanks to one Team Member's creativity and our continuing dedication to innovation, our Ice Blended® is the original and is still widely recognized as the most delicious drink in the world!

What's so Special about our Ice Blended® Drinks?

Our Ice Blended® is made fresh right when you order it. Starts with our secret Coffee Extract which refines our specialty coffees to neutralize acids while imparting authentic, concentrated flavor. Then we add our exclusive Special Dutch Chocolate or French Deluxe Vanilla, which, again, delivers truer, more concentrated flavor than the syrups used by our peers. Finally, our ice is processed so finely resulting in the smoothest, tastiest, and definitely most delicious drink in the world!