Encouraging Women To Cultivate A Better Community

KAGABAY (Kababaihan Gabay ng Bayan), is an organization that helps reduce poverty through women empowerment. They encourage and guide Pinays to become active in their community through livelihood projects, proper education and other awareness programs.

They believe that giving more opportunities to Filipino women could help alleviate the condition of their respective families who need economic assistance. The funds they raise go a long way as they continue to broaden their reach and teach more women various livelihood projects like bag making and vegetable planting in order to help them sustain their families’ lives.

Aside from livelihood means, KAGABAY also raises awareness on the importance of proper sanitation and good health to avoid malnutrition and the spread of disease in congested areas. With the help of local government units and support groups, KAGABAY makes it possible to reach out to different communities and train eager womenfolk gain new skills and improve old ones, and develop their determination to become productive members of society. In turn, all these allow them to grow as providers of their family with the hopes of living a better life and raising children in a healthy environment.

To learn more about how you can help KAGABAY, contact tel. no. (632) 811-2020.