Manila Bulletin

Home barista: CBTL takes the café experience right to your home

By: Marbee Shing-Go
Manila Bulletin
August 17, 2011

MANILA, Philippines -- On rainy days at home, there’s hardly enough motivation around to convince you to hit the showers, much less go past the doorstep. With the prospect of water above your ankles and a triathlon to the taxi stands, it’s easy enough to realize that the outdoor moods have gone and died with the summer. The weather calls for something like your favorite drink to warm you up, but you know ordering Chai Tea Latte, Matcha Green Tea, and Mocha Latte, can just be the most inconvenient thing. Going out in the unpredictable weather, driving to a coffee shop, and lining up in the counter—can be a logistical nightmare for most.

The answer to this conundrum lies in the simplicity of just taking the café experience at home. In partnership with Caffitaly, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® offers CBTL™ —a Single Serve Beverage System of espresso machines, flavored capsules, and powders. Simple to use even for the technologically-impaired, you can prepare a drink in just under five minutes. Just plug it in, open one compartment and fill with water, place a flavor capsule in another compartment, press a button, wait, add powder—and viola! You get the same full-bodied coffee or tea flavor you’ve come to expect from any of their stores.

“CBTL™ was created as a response to how The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® understands and anticipates the needs of its customers,” explains Walden Chu, president of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Philippines. Among these needs is the ability to enjoy your favorite coffee in the comforts of your home, just like how you want it.

With the right capsule, you can make your own café-worthy coffee or tea on your own terms. Chu says they offer “…the same flavor, taste, and consistency that you expect from any hot drink you purchase from our stores…a perfect cup, with just a single push of a button.”

CBTL™ offers four variants of espresso (Italian, Premium Decaf, Continental, and Premium which is used locally), four options for coffee (French, Viennese, House Brew, and House Brew Decaf), along with four kinds of tea (Chai, English Breakfast, Tropical Passion, and Moroccan Mint). For powders, you can choose between Special Dutch Chocolate used in most mocha drinks, and French Deluxe Vanilla.

Also impressive are the different designs of CBTL™ offered in style variants like black and gray for the sleek Contata series, or a European touch as seen in the Kaldi series. What’s more, the CBTL™ is priced at Php 13,750—a home investment that will pay you back not only financially, but also in terms of convenience, time saved, as well as relaxation and enjoyment gained. And with that, you won’t ever have to brave the weather to get to that perfect cup of premium blend coffee.