When our tea master David DeCandia became the Tea Ambassador of Sri Lanka, we figured we were doing something right. David works directly with private, family-owned tea estates to cultivate the best tea leaves from Sri Lanka, China, Thailand, Japan, and India — those are then locally hand-blended for maximum freshness.

We make it a point to purchase our tea directly from our growers, sans middlemen, wholesalers, or importer-exporters. Nurturing these close relationships is not only the right thing to do, it allows us to give you the world’s finest and most distinctive teas. Through these relationships, we are also able to give back. Every cup of tea you buy goes beyond sustaining the livelihood of tea farmers — it provides them fair wages, supports their families, grows their plantations and estates, and develops their communities by providing education and health care.

The liquid gold in your cup began its journey thousands of miles away, on the lush tea plantations of Sri Lanka, Kenya, China, Japan, Thailand and India. We work directly with tea growers in these regions in handcrafting varieties of tea that meet our exacting specifications. Because of our standards for quality, taste and heritage, you’re sure to enjoy the very best whole-leaf teas and tea drinks available anywhere.



Choose from a variety of the best green, oolong, black, flavored teas, or herbal infusions in the world.

Flavored Green
Flavored Black
Herbal Infusions


A delicious blend of freshly pulled shots of concentrated tea leaves combined with steamed milk and our French Deluxe™ vanilla powder.

Matcha Green Tea
Moroccan Mint
African Sunrise
English Breakfast
Tropical Passion
Double Vanilla