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The future of coffee’ in an all-in-one machine

By: Reggie Aspiras
Philippine Daily Inquirer
June 16, 2011

At a time when everything seems to be awesome, few things capture our imagination and make us pause to say—wait a minute, now that is what I consider really awesome!

Like having a live-in barista at your beck and call, without having to live with the person’s moods and quirks. That live-in barista is a Single Serve Beverage System, better known as a “capsule” coffee machine that not only churns espressos, but brews teas as well.

It doesn’t end there. The machine comes with a “frother” that makes the foam for your cappuccino or steams milk for your coffee or tea lattés. I am told this machine can dispense 70 types of hot and cold drinks, if you include the powders, syrups and sauces, with more capsule blends being developed.

This too-good-to-be-true gizmo, the kind that really works, is the brainchild of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® , who, in the last decade, helped fuel the incredible rise in consumer demand for the coffee house experience. And this is exactly what CBTL™ wanted to do—“extend its famed and distinct café experience beyond its stores and into your own home.”

According to Walden Chu, president of CBTL™ Philippines: “Together with Caffitaly, we came up with ‘the future of coffee in one compact platform.’ You can faithfully recreate all the hot drinks offered by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®. There is no other way to enjoy the world’s top one percent of coffee and tea produce we source than through these capsules.”

With the tastes and flavors of CBTL™, plus the espresso technology and design expertise of Caffitaly, this machine, I admit, is hard to beat.

I chuckled when someone quipped: “This is a coffee and tea machine on speed!”

I have used the machine myself, and it is so simple to use. The slot for the coffee/tea capsule is done in such a way that it is impossible for users to get it wrong.

After the capsule is inserted, push the lever down and choose from any of the three settings—espresso, long espresso or the brewed coffee or tea button. Voilà! Your beverage is ready!

However, if you want a cappuccino, before hitting the espresso button, start frothing your milk with the frother, which takes less than two minutes. Then, hit that coffee button for perfect cappuccino.


I was awfully impressed by my Chai Tea Latte. All I had to do was insert the chai tea capsule, then pour it onto a glass. Then I mixed in a sachet of CBTL™ vanilla powder and topped it with steamed my milk. Phenomenal!

If my computation serves me right, the latte is P40 cheaper than if I had gone to a CBTL™ store. On top of that, I didn’t have to change, spend for gas and drive, nor was I tempted to stop by any other store I might pass on my way to a CBTL™ outlet. Doing the math this way, I saved way more than P40!

The initial CBTL™ capsule offerings are: Espresso-Italian, Premium, Premium Decaf and Continental; Brewed-French, House Brew, Viennese, House Brew Decaf; Tea-English Breakfast, Tropical Passion, Moroccan Mint.

For your blended beverages, CBTL™ now sells French Deluxe Vanilla Powder and Special Dutch Chocolate Powder in sachets. These help guarantee a consistent drink.

No gizmo has excited me as much in long while. Every kitchen must have this contraption. It is a dream for those who love to entertain, and a new toy for every coffee or tea connoisseur who also happens to be a gadget aficionado.

Owning one is literally enjoying all the perks of being at a specialty coffee and teahouse, but within the comforts of our home, with just a flick of a finger.

Introductory price is P13,750. There are zero interest-12 months schemes. Call 437-CBTL for information.