Stories of Courage

Courage to Overcome

by Pastor Danny

“You have made mistakes in the past, but you are not a mistake to God.”

Danny Urquico grew up in a dysfunctional family. His father was part of a notorious gang in the 1960s and was imprisoned for about 15 years. Having experienced years of neglect and abuse, he began smoking, drinking and doing drugs at a very early age. By the time he was 17, he was involved with petty offenses that progressed into more serious crimes over the next 15 years. His marriage was marked by infidelity. Vice and violence brought him many times at the verge of death, and he even attempted suicide twice. (IGSL Asia)

All seemed hopeless for Danny, until 2001 when Danny felt the Holy Spirit taking control of his heart. He surrendered to Christ, and it was only then that Danny finally released all the bitterness and anger against his own father. Since then, Danny committed to the Lord that he would dedicate his life to sharing the pillars of his transformed life to others — Jesus Christ and the Bible.

Today, Danny serves as hub pastor for CCF ( Metro East, overseeing 16 satellite churches. His ministry also extends beyond CCF, where he leads SIPAG (Simula ng Pag-asa), a community-based recovery program for drug addicts who surrender under the government’s antinarcotics campaign, BIYAHE (BInigyang LaYA ni HEsus), a jail ministry with 8 jail sites, and GALA (GAbay sa LAndas), a temporary shelter for orphans, street and abused children, and children of inmates. He and his wife also lead missions to the Dumagats in Sierra Madre, to reach out to remote communities who still do not know the Lord.

Danny’s story is proof that God can use our lives to impact others. As we obey and follow Him, God will reveal His power through the Holy Spirit leading to transformed lives for His glory.

Stories from Alessandra Berbano in the book God of the Impossible (2016, OMF Literature Inc.)