Stories of Gratitude

Minkay Life

by The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf ®

When the gov’t. declared Cebu to be on ECQ, without any doubt I sent an application to become one of the volunteer nurses for DOH. Equipped with proper knowledge, training, and the pledge that I held in my heart as a medical professional, I think it’s about time to serve my country and my fellowmen after being away for years. I remembered surrendering such a plea to Jesus but then again no matter how credible your credentials are, it’s His will that always prevails. So I comforted myself by telling: “Ahh! Maybe Jesus has another assignment for me. Next please”

Instead of just simply staying at home, procrastinating, & complaining, I spared half of my salary and joined in online giveaways in which all the proceeds went to Monetary assistance to groups and communities who were greatly affected by the pandemic, Provided PPEs for frontliners, Brgy. ambulance, cancer & dialysis patients, etc., Distributed snacks to random people on the streets and wrote bible verses to lift their spirits despite the adversity. Mobile recharge goes to friends and family members who are away from their families so at least they can connect anytime. And the food gets reviewed & posted on the blog so as to help promote our local SMEs. #winwinsituation Everyone has a story to tell and I’ve seen people dying! No one deserves to die due to hunger nor depression. We need each other!

When we say frontliners, it’s always the doctors, nurses, military men, & delivery riders that often come into our minds. But then again, I’d like to dedicate my snappiest salute to the farmers, local market vendors, to neighbors who devoted their time to keep us all safe and COVID-free by guarding the entrance and exit points of our places, & to you who’s reading this! YES! YOU! I know you’ve been fighting demons which others didn’t see. Always know that Jesus walks on water. He is with us!

What are you grateful for?

As for me, I am blessed to be reunited with my family & share what I have whether its a talent, act of service, etc. To be strong & healthy nowadays is indeed a blessing. Find joy in helping others and use your strength mightily! Stay safe & blessed always