Your Coffee Bean Story

How Coffee Bean Changed my Cortisol to Endorphin

by Junally Jerca Mae Layson

10 PM – More than 30 minutes have passed since me and my sister looked for a coffee shop which can cater to my wants and needs for the report which I needed to pass immediately the next morning. I was edgy, and stress dawned on me having a hard time scouting for a cozy place where I can think and work. And luckily, as if heaven heard my prayers, we end up at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Ayala Terraces Cebu. Perfect.
That was the first time I have been to Coffee Bean and I can never forget how the taste of Ice Blended Hazelnut Chocolate turned my stress into happy pill. I live in Negros Occidental and I heard of Coffee Bean when one of my colleagues brought Ready Coffee boxes for us to drink during our coffee break. It was then I said to myself, “I’m gonna try to chill out and have sensible conversations over coffee in its branches someday.” A month after, my wish came true.
I was studying MPH in Cebu and meeting up with my sister was only feasible after her duty at the hospital. Coffee was of help to perk me up while producing creative juices for my report. The ambiance was applaudable. I thanked my sister for the suggestion despite of my tantrums and all the stress were washed away because of that first sip.
By then, my curiosity for Coffee Bean hasn’t stopped. From Negros, I came all the way to see the Alps-inspired branch in Tagaytay, where I bought my Swirl Rewards Card. I was even euphoric when my co-teachers collected stamps for me last year to have the 2017 Giving Journal. Coffee Bean has been a meeting place with my friends and I really can’t get enough of conversations over coffee.
Thank you Coffee Bean, you’re my constant happy pill. Looking forward to having a branch here in Negros for avid fans like me. 🙂