Your Coffee Bean Story

Planning & Dreaming with the Giving Journal

by Betsy Gacutan-Ochosa

I was as surprised when I realized I had ten Giving Journals and that I managed to keep them all these years! I can’t believe it’s been that long! In fact, my son also has three Giving Journals with him
because I used to give him my extras… You can only imagine how often I am at a The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf store (ATC store has been, and will always be, my #1).
Indeed, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has been such an integral part of my adult life. It’s my go-to place when I need to de-stress, when I need to think, or when I need some me time.  It’s my happy place and Mocha Ice blended is my comfort drink. I’ve made friends with a lot of baristas and I stayed friends with most of them, even after they have changed careers. I also make it a point to visit a The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf store whenever I’m in another country. That’s how loyal I am!
Inside my Giving Journals are notes, reminders, special dates, goals and dreams, memorable moments, passwords, cryptic messages that can only be understood by me…
In them are also my thoughts and ideas, prayers, funny stories, random song lyrics, and quotes that I don’t want to forget. In a nutshell, my Giving Journal holds testament to my every day.
When  I encounter tough days, I read the quotes printed in the journal… Words that were written by other people, meant to inspire someone. And yes, I do get inspired.
I plan. I dream. I chronicle. I make lists. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Giving Journal has shared the journey with me all these years… And I am looking forward to more years, more adventures shared.❤️